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Legal information


Last update 26.04.2023

The purpose of the Leblanc illuminations site is to sell illumination products, festive decorations and solar products for the garden.
The Leblanc Group reserves the right to modify its prices in the event of technical modifications to products or unforeseeable variations in the cost of raw materials.
Sets supplied with power cable and fixing kits, without bulb or satilight. All catalog products are LED-based.



In view of changes in European directives and interpretations, some of our products which are not subject to this contribution may be added to it in the course of the year. The rate may also change during the year. The eco-contribution is neither remittable nor refundable.


Tax on all light bulbs

The tax applies to both professional and private customers. For light bulbs, Leblanc illuminations is affiliated with Recylum.
Tax on other electrical products:
The tax is applicable to those who resell to private individuals as well as to professionals. The tax does not apply to professionals, provided they take care of recycling at the end of the product's life. In this case, the professionals concerned must send a letter of confirmation to Leblanc illuminations. For electrical products, Leblanc illuminations is affiliated with Ecologic.


Unique identifiers

Several unique identifiers have been assigned to Leblanc illuminations by ADEME in application of article L.541-10-13 of the French Environment Code:

  • FR000099_05MFLV: registered with ecosystem as a producer of Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
  • FR000099_06YVB5: registered with Corepile as a producer of batteries and accumulators.
  • FR000099_05MFLV: registered with Ecologic as a producer of household waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
  • FR232742_03MIEH: registered with Citeo as a producer of graphic paper.
  • FR210100_01YKAF: registered with Citeo as a producer in the packaging sector.


Leblanc illuminations brand

The Leblanc illuminations brand is marketed by Leblanc illuminations SAS, with share capital of 7,938,000.00 euros, headquartered at 6-8 rue Michaël Faraday, 72027 Le Mans cedex 2.
The company is registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés du Mans under number 482 323 649.

APE code: 4690 Z                           

SIRET : 482 323 649 000 20

Intracommunity VAT number: FR37 482 323 649.

Leblanc illuminations declares to be the owner of the e-commerce site accessible via the domain name www.leblanc


Publication manager: Arnaud Leschemelle
Development, graphics and design: Leblanc illuminations



Gender equality index for 2023 based on 2022 data:

Total points obtained 87/100



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Pexels : Ratul Ghosh
Project developed in partnership with Brest's Lycée Vauban: Lotus (winning student & project designer: Gwenaël Le Bihan)

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