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Companies and businesses

Light up your business

Leblanc illuminations adapts to your business: local shops, shopping malls, restaurants, industry...

Your identity must be visible, don't forget the lighting, both inside and outside. We can adapt each of our solutions to your structure: size, shape, colour... the only limit is your imagination!

LIGHTINGLighting like no other

Think about lighting in your offices, your restaurant, your shop... Just like the furniture or the decoration of the walls, the lighting contributes to the atmosphere and the customer experience!

YOUR IMAGEShop windows and facades

Think about lighting your shop window and your facade. LED lighting allows you to regulate your consumption without sacrificing originality, make yourself seen!

ANIMATIONSYour customers enjoy the experience!

Whether you want to keep a souvenir of your company or install your sign in the urban landscape, light can be a great ally in enhancing your brand. Don't stay in the shadows!


Your company must be put in the light!

At Leblanc illuminations, we work with you to design your lighting so that it best meets your expectations and needs.

Lighting for signs, facades, shop windows, interior or exterior spaces... Our teams offer you solutions that can evolve thanks to different programming technologies.

Within the user experience, we invite you to rethink the impact of light on the desired atmosphere, but possibly also the interaction with the customer: animations, QR Code relay, etc.


Let's change tomorrow's world together

Our company, which is ISO 9001 certified and has the RSE 26000 label, is committed to working with you to reduce our environmental impact through more responsible consumption.

Leblanc illuminations remains a human company that shares its values with its customers and employees. In our workshops, in research or in business development, our teams are behind you to bring your project to light.

Shopping centers
We offer luminous decorations for your facades and outdoor spaces, but also to dress up the interior of your shopping center.
Our most beautiful projects
Company facades, shop windows: discover a selection of our most beautiful projects for professionals.