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Leblanc Illuminations distributeur France Twinkly Pro

Twinkly Pro technology

Infinite light effects for interactive settings

Leblanc illuminations is the expert of the Twinkly Pro technology. These garlands have a unique technology that allows them to be programmed in real time, from a simple smartphone.

There are no limits to your decorations: you can change the animation, the colours, the rhythm... Dare to create amazing and magical lighting with Twinkly Pro!

Twinkly Pro Leblanc Illuminations
Réalisation chapiteau twinkly pro Pau
Plafond lumineux en twinkly pro Leblanc
Décors 3D en Twinkly Pro

Technology at the service of dreams

Imagine being able to change the colours of your decor to reflect the weather, the results of a championship or simply the New Year? No need to change the lights, just modify your animation from the application and apply the new pattern in real time!

Décors 3D animé en Twinkly Pro
Décors 3D animé en Twinkly Pro via le cloud
Application Twinkly Pro France Leblanc Illuminations

A dream in colours

Each light in the Twinkly Pro garlands can take on the colour of your choice from the RGB+W colour range. This allows you to create endless colourful atmospheres.
Sapin de Megève réalisé en Twinkly Pro

Modelling made easy

By scanning your decor, you can then directly apply the chosen pattern: colours, geometric shapes, animations... Your imagination becomes your only limit!

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