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Our history

65 years ago, Michel Leblanc invented the illuminations...

Since its beginnings in 1958, Leblanc illuminations, a pioneer company, has written the history of the illuminations market.

  • Story_1958_atelier

    1958 | Creator of the illuminations market

    Michel Leblanc creates in the Meuse (France) the company Leblanc illuminations. He was the first to create wooden decorations equipped with porcelain sockets.
  • Story_1960_premier_decor_alu

    1960 | First aluminum decors

    Leblanc illuminations is the first actor in its market to produce luminous decorations on an aluminum frame. A resistant and recyclable material which allows a great diversity of creations.
  • Story_1982_champs_elysees

    1982 | Illuminations of the Champs Elysées

    Leblanc illuminations is the first company to have illuminated the most beautiful avenue in the world.
  • Story_1988_cordon

    1988 | The first to use the rope light

    The rope lights gradually replaces the sockets in the realization of our decorations.
  • Story_1994_galalights

    1994 | Royal establishment

    Leblanc illuminations goes international with
    the establishment of Gala Lights which will become Leblanc illuminations UK.

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  • Story_1996_led

    1996 | LED pioneer

    Leblanc illuminations anticipates the need for energy savings by being the first in Europe to introduce LED garlands in its illuminations.

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  • Story_2001_chromex

    2001 | Leblanc illuminations and Chromex merge

    Pooling know-how around light. Since 1943, Chromex has been a reference in professional lighting equipment.

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  • Story_2007_canada

    2007 | Let's go to the Great North!

    Leblanc illuminations Canada opens its doors and makes the Canadian snow shine.

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  • Story_2008_video

    2008 | First to use video for Christmas lights

    Leblanc illuminations reinvents Christmas lights with the first 3D animated and personalized decor thanks to video technology.
  • Story_2008_romania

    2008 | The eastern rush

    The foundations of our main production center are laid. Leblanc illuminations România is launched.

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  • Story_2010_blouses_roses

    2010 | Leblanc reaches the heart of hospitals

    Leblanc illuminations and The Pink Blouses association join forces to offer each year a Christmas full of lights to hospitalized children.

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  • Story_2013_mexico

    2013 | Viva iluminacion !

    Creation of the subsidiary Leblanc illuminations Mexico, with the subsequent illumination of the city of Puebla and many shopping centers.

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  • Story_2014_iso9001

    2014 | ISO 9001 certification

    Leblanc illuminations is the first company in its sector to be ISO 9001 certified.

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  • Story_2014_maestrio

    2014 | Maestrio controls power consumption

    With Maestrio, program the hours and period of operation of the illuminations, zone by zone, with a few clicks on a smartphone.
  • Story_2015_impression3D

    2015 | 3D printing

    Leblanc illuminations innovates by using 3D printing for its prototypes.
  • Story_2015_megeve

    2015 | Partner of Megève

    Leblanc illuminations illuminates Megève, this small Savoyard village of international renown, and becomes its official partner in 2017.

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  • Story_2016_federation_ski

    2016 | FFS Partner

    First 4-year partnership signed with the French Ski Federation and the French Skicross Team, then renewed until 2024.

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  • Story_2016_virtualreality

    2016 | Virtual reality

    Virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D scanning: Between real and virtual, Leblanc puts new technologies at the service of your imagination.
  • Story_2017_parfum_aroma

    2017 | A perfume of success

    Leblanc illuminations combines light and fragrance for a unique experience.

    Discover our immersive experiences

  • Story_2018_60ans

    2018 | Happy birthday

    Leblanc illuminations celebrates 60 years of shared pleasure.
  • Story_2019_loomie

    2019 | An application to save Christmas

    With Loomie, the most entertaining application, Leblanc illuminations puts the public at the heart of the illuminations.

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  • Story_2020_twinkly

    2020 | Connected illuminations

    Leblanc illuminations becomes the exclusive distributor of Twinkly Pro, the range of string lights controlled by smartphone.

    Discover Twinkly Pro technology

  • Story_2020_rse26000

    2021 | CSR 26000 label

    Leblanc illuminations has become the most labeled company in its sector, with its CSR 26000 label and its ISO 9001 certification. 

    Find out about our certifications and labels

  • Story_2021_revolution_verte

    2021 | e-deco, a green revolution

    This 3D printing process allows for a new, more durable daytime dressing of the decorations.

    Discover the e-deco revolution

  • Story_2021_show

    2022 | Experiential show

    Leblanc illuminations creates a unique experiential light show: a unique combination of lighting, light decorations and lighting equipment.

    Discover our sound and light show

  • Story_2023_24hdumans

    2023 | A legendary race track!

    A special year, a grandiose celebration and breathtaking light displays. Leblanc illuminations is proud to be a partner of the centenary of the 24h of Le Mans.

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  • slider_Leblanc_illuminations_halto

    2024 | Welcome HALTO

    HALTO, a specialist in dynamic architectural lighting for over 30 years, joins the Leblanc illuminations family.

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