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Smart illuminations

Use light in an interactive way!

Leblanc illuminations is a pioneer in technological innovation in the market of light decoration. It is therefore only natural that we offer you light displays that can be controlled in real time, for a personalised lighting scheme from your smartphone.

SMARTAn easy-to-use tool

With Twinkly Pro technology, you can use your smartphone and its camera to connect your installation and control your lighting yourself. Create the magic !

CONNECTEDAct in real time

You can choose the effects: colours, animations... The application allows you to design your own project or choose from the many effects in the catalogue.

EXPERIENCENew emotions

By programming your own sequences or acting in real time on your illuminations, you can stand out from the crowd by creating a unique and magical emotion.


Tools at the cutting edge of innovation

With Twinkly Pro technology, Leblanc illuminations offers you a new experience of illuminations. These connected garlands allow you to control your installation in real time: animations, colours, etc.

Imagine being able to propose different scenarios according to the mood, the season, the news... Illuminate your city or your company while conveying personalised messages.


Innovation at the service of the customer

In our company, we want to put innovation at the service of our customers: to make it easier to handle and interact with the installations, to reduce electricity consumption, to make the various players responsible.

Connected illumination through the simplified use of a smartphone application is one of the answers to our customers' needs for personalisation and responsiveness.

Twinkly Pro
Infinite and easily customisable lights for interactive and ever more magical settings!
Sound and light show
The sound and light show allows the spectator to immerse himself in a magical universe that makes you dream!